[rescue] looking for titanium powerbook

Andrew Luke Nesbit ullbeking at andrewnesbit.org
Mon Dec 24 16:11:57 CST 2018

On 23/12/2018 21:56, Hauke Fath wrote:
> I had a GBit G4/550 PowerBook back in the days(*), and these buggers run
> awfully hot - 3rd party fan trays were all the rage at the time.

I had a PowerBook G4 667 MHz (DVI TiBook).  It was one of the best
computers I ever had and I sure would love to afford a replacement (not
necessarily the exact same.

I noticed that it would get get _very_ hot too.  Sometimes this
concerned me and I would wonder whether something was actually wrong
with with my computer.

Hauke, what are these "3rd party fan trays"?  In case I am fortunate
enough to procure another TiBook, I'd like to investigate.

Could you point me to a link please?

> I find my
> G3 Pismo a lot more pleasant to handle, and it certainly has enough power
> for System 9, if you can do without a cdrom writer.

I never had a G3 but one of these is also on my "to do" list as I get
more re-acquianted with PowerPC.  I have missed it very much.

> I don't know about the battery situation though.

Are you referring to the possibility/difficulty of finding a battery
that is in suitably good condition?

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