[rescue] web proxy server w/SSL/TLS termination

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Fri Dec 21 20:52:57 CST 2018

Hello Will,

Very probably.

I figure someone is already doing something like this, maybe for other purposes.

I'm mainly fishing, from those people who have, if they might have any recommendations.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,


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From: William Enestvedt
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Subject: [rescue] web proxy server w/SSL/TLS termination

Jerry, would Nginx, the modern web server, work for you? It can be used as a
reverse proxy and as an SSL terminator, so I bet there are other folks who
have put it into this role.

   I looks to me like it should work on Open Indiana b or at east that it
has done so in the past b based on this post:

   Ibm not an expert in Nginx's configuration, but perhapsyou can find an
example or tutorial somewhere by giving Google the right combination of "nginx
reverse proxy ssl termination.b

    Hope this helps!

- Will

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