[rescue] Cray listing on E-bay

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Dec 7 16:12:59 CST 2018

> Great!  Then that means I've got it wrong, and Ethan's sat for many years
> for no really good reason.  I hope he manages to get them running if he
> hasn't already (I haven't talked to him about this in over a year).    He
> bought 5 racks worth out of Pittsburgh somewhere about 15 years ago.  We
> were talking because of my access to media, but our current cray systems
> all run Linux for better or worse, and I am not adminning them these days.

No, it's true. My J932SE IOS (the VME rack of Sun Sparcstation 2s) 
requires the SCSI drives to have Cray SCSI IDs in them. Mine had all the 
drives removed because it was government in a classified environment. 
Everyone else I find with a system got it with the drives in-tact. I tried 
a few different SCSI disks and it said no disks, then with the real Cray 
disks it moved onto the next step.

With modern boards like the SCSI2SD it would be possible to re-write the 

The disks for mine are Seagate full height 5.25" SCSI Drives. The minute 
the OS saw the proper SCSI ID I moved onto the next step.

Then the system kernel paniced when starting the install. It might be the 
version of Unicos I have is somehow built for a different system, I got it 
from another Cray collector.

I still own it though I moved to Northern Virginia and haven't moved it up 
here yet.

 		- Ethan

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