[rescue] Sun2/120 SunOS 3.2 suntools movie (was: advise on Sun2 disk install)

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Thu Dec 6 12:45:51 CST 2018

ons 2018-12-05 klockan 12:59 +0100 skrev Stefan Skoglund:
> Sun 2/120 have issues with scsi drives with an embedded controller.
> 3.2
> is i believe the first version of sunos which could be installera to
> such
> drives. 

When i got my 2/120 i tried to use a CDC WREN drive on it ...
alas sunos 2.7 (which was the newest i had which was complete) didn't
like installing itself to disk drive with an embeded controller.

I never tried it with an mfm drive and the installed acb-4000

Maybe i should - i will have to check the psu first.

The QIC drive's capstan roller is allgooey now so the le card and bootp
is the main possibility.

Without an variator available, how should i check that Boschert 
supply ?

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