[rescue] Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop - Student Guide

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Wed Sep 20 20:59:01 CDT 2017

I was just reviewing the shell programming for system admin's one myself.  I was 
taking the Solaris admin II class at the time, sometime in the late 1990's, and 
after asking a bunch of off-the-wall (shell programming) questions that the 
instructor didn't want to/couldn't answer, I ended up with a copy of the shell 
programmers class (hard copy).

All the nawk/sed/system redirection stuff is the same.  The (hard copy) class 
book I have is all in C-shell.   The PDF here is Bourne && Korn shell.


On 09/20/17 05:34 PM, Andy Wallis wrote:

> Thank you. That site also has PDFs of a set of Solaris classes I took back
> in 2000 in a "Solaris Administration Boot Camp" that Sun offered. I had
> lent the hard copies to someone years ago and they never returned it. The
> ones on the sites are for Solaris 8. Mine for Solaris 7. The instructors
> were in the process of updating the class for Solaris 8. I'm going to see
> if I can't hunt down that Solaris 7 specific version.
> -Andy Wallis

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