[rescue] Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop - Student Guide

Andy Wallis rawallis at panix.com
Wed Sep 20 17:34:30 CDT 2017

> Just stumbled upon this - maybe someone els is intereted too:
> https://www.hpc.jcu.edu.au/mirror/solaris/Sun_Systems_Fault_Analysis_Wrkshop_A_ST-350.pdf

Thank you. That site also has PDFs of a set of Solaris classes I took back
in 2000 in a "Solaris Administration Boot Camp" that Sun offered. I had
lent the hard copies to someone years ago and they never returned it. The
ones on the sites are for Solaris 8. Mine for Solaris 7. The instructors
were in the process of updating the class for Solaris 8. I'm going to see
if I can't hunt down that Solaris 7 specific version.

The  Boot Camp was an interesting idea. For 8K, they put you in a hotel,
fed you all three meals, and they crammed as much as they could into 12
hour days for 5 days. What was interesting about the class was a bunch of
people in the Solaris and neighboring Java Boot Camp in the next room over
were part of a dot-com (November/December 2000) that went under right
before the classes started. The instructors offered to refund the students
so that they were not on the hook for the 8K. I think everyone stayed
anyway and continued with the classes.

-Andy Wallis

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