[rescue] Sun Enterprise 3500- FC-AL drives not recognized

PhreakShow Telephone Company phreakshowtelco at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 19:31:26 CDT 2017

I got my first Sun Enterprise 3500 at Vintage computer festival midwest.

I have an SS5,  but my far this thing is cool.   A beast though

I got it home.  got it put together.   Connected up a trusty old VT220
and was able to get to the firmware.   The 8 FC-AL disks installed
arent recognized.    Boots off a CD-ROM fine.

I also cant get it to output video via its CGsix with my sun keyboard

>From what i can tell it requires GBIC Controllers in the disk
controller card on the machine.

Any ideas?

Other then that it boots launches the openbsd cd and just cant find the disks.

And makes a great heater :P

Thanks in advance

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