[rescue] Well, now I know why my X4540 rebooted, sort of

Jeremy Towers jeremy.towers at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 04:29:12 CDT 2017

Can you take the adapter apart?  The Sun ones can usually have the plastic
covers removed.



Jeremy R. J. Towers

On 12 September 2017 at 03:17, Phil Stracchino <phils at caerllewys.net> wrote:

> ...It went unresponsive this afternoon and wouldn't come back up.  I
> worked on it for about four hours and got nowhere.  Controller 2 (on
> which the boot drives are located) seemed to be cutting in and out
> intermittently, then it stopped even POSTing.  It appears to be
> reporting a fault on the service processor, but the 'show fault' button
> on the processor doesn't indicate anything wrong.  I'm getting no video
> (not even BIOS splash) and don't have anything with an available serial
> port to try a serial console.
> (Well, OK, I do have one server with a free serial port, but it's so
> deeply recessed that none of my DB9-RJ45 adapters will plug into it.  If
> I can find a cable that'll actually connect, I MIGHT be able to get into
> the ILOM.  But I'm doubtful about even that, because the ILOM doesn't
> respond on its net management interface.)
> I'm guessing this is why SMF was messed up a couple of days ago:  it
> presumably restarted uncleanly without updating its boot archive first.
> And I already gave away my old NAS chassis several weeks ago for a
> beginning geek to learn on.
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