[rescue] Well, now I know why my X4540 rebooted, sort of

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Mon Sep 11 21:17:54 CDT 2017

...It went unresponsive this afternoon and wouldn't come back up.  I
worked on it for about four hours and got nowhere.  Controller 2 (on
which the boot drives are located) seemed to be cutting in and out
intermittently, then it stopped even POSTing.  It appears to be
reporting a fault on the service processor, but the 'show fault' button
on the processor doesn't indicate anything wrong.  I'm getting no video
(not even BIOS splash) and don't have anything with an available serial
port to try a serial console.

(Well, OK, I do have one server with a free serial port, but it's so
deeply recessed that none of my DB9-RJ45 adapters will plug into it.  If
I can find a cable that'll actually connect, I MIGHT be able to get into
the ILOM.  But I'm doubtful about even that, because the ILOM doesn't
respond on its net management interface.)

I'm guessing this is why SMF was messed up a couple of days ago:  it
presumably restarted uncleanly without updating its boot archive first.

And I already gave away my old NAS chassis several weeks ago for a
beginning geek to learn on.

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