[rescue] Solaris 11 SMF oddity

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Mon Sep 11 01:06:36 CDT 2017

Hello Phil,

I'm sure you have probably already checked this, but I am curious anyway, 
specifically regarding your "bacula" service.

I'm sure that any Bacula daemons would create log files that would probably 
provide some assistance and insight, but I am specifically wondering if you have 
checked the "bacula service" log file.

i.e., when you are logged in as root, and do something like/similar to this:

# svcs -l bacula

typically, the 4th line from the bottom list the location for the log file for 
the bacula service.

More often than not, if the daemon log file itself won't provide specific 
insight as to why it won't stay running, the service fault management log file 
will typically provide insight as to why the daemon won't stay running after the 
fault management services try (and fail) xxxx number of times.

Good luck,


On 09/ 9/17 05:36 PM, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> I have a minor puzzle.  My X4540 rebooted itself yesterday.
> The first problem with this is that I haven't been able to figure out
> why, and it didn't log anything.  But it appears to have just possibly
> been something done (without asking for permission) by
> usr/lib/update-manager/update-refresh.sh.
> The second problem is that after it came back up, Bacula wasn't running,
> and with no evidence of anything wrong with it, wouldn't restart ...
> until I re-imported its manifest into SMF.
> It seems like SMF had the Bacula services in its running instance, but
> hadn't actually committed it.  So now I'm looking for a subcommand to
> tell svccfg to save or commit the imported service definitions ... and I
> can't find one.
> Does anyone else who runs Solaris 11 know if I'm missing something here?

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