[rescue] QIC tape resource

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Fri Sep 8 17:49:58 CDT 2017

WOW! thanks to everyone for some great resources, insights and comments.

So will try the donor belt scenario first. My concern here is that the
donor belt may give in at some point also. I have a box of tapes to
choose from.

What I do know is that the DC300 and DC600 tape lengths are different
and therefore the belt is different. I think the theory will be as long
as the tape is the same length then the belt should be the right size. 

Depending on success rate that may do it or I might go down the boiling
the bands option or finding  newer 6150 cartridges for donor belts.

Again thanks for the great responses and I will keep you all posted on



On Sat, 9 Sep 2017, at 03:18 AM, David Bryant wrote:
> There is a great resource for QIC tapes that I just stumbled upon.
> 	http://qicreader.blogspot.com/
> With a specific section on tension bands:
> 	http://qicreader.blogspot.com/p/drive-belts.html
> He's also built a stand-alone tape dumper:
> 	http://qicreader.blogspot.com/p/hardware.html
> Best of luck everyone!
> David
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