[rescue] Sun V240

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Tue Oct 31 22:36:57 CDT 2017

Here are a couple of Wikipedia pages that discuss Solaris 11 Express



In short, it was a preview release of Solaris 11, prior to the actual GA release.

The reason that I continue to find value in it, is that it (S11Express) not only 
turned out to be a very stable and feature rich release, it (again S11Express) 
was release prior to Oracle pulling all the drivers for pre T and M series 
equipment, meaning, if your hardware ran fine on S10 and/or OpenSolaris, chances 
are that it also ran Solaris 11 Express fine also.

During my time at Verizon, my workstation was a (Sun4u based) SunBlade 2000 
running Solaris 11 Express, and I never had any problems.

You probably are not going to find a download link for Solaris 11 Express at 
Oracle, especially not without a support contract.  However, it is available in 
the darker corners of the Internet.


On 10/31/17 10:11 PM, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> My V240 has 8 Gig and a reasonable set of drives, but Ibm not familiar with
> Solaris 11 Express... everything I find points to Solaris 11.3, Solaris 11
> Express appears to have been wiped off the web...
> Lionel

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