[rescue] UTF-8 [was T5220 update]

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Oct 31 13:01:53 CDT 2017

>>  BTW, all of your messages are littered with random 'b' characters.

> [...UTF-8...]

> This is Unix/Plan9 all the way down.  UTF-8 degrades poorly when you
> throw away 12.5% of the data.

Most character encodings degrade poorly when you throw away any
significant fraction of the data.

I'm perpetually depressed by the number of people who seem to think
it's reasonable for them to generate UTF-8 all the time and that it's
everyone else's duty to handle it they way they intend, as if Unicode
were some kind of God-given One True Character Set and UTF-8 its One
True Encoding.

This is bad enough anywhere, but especially surprising on lists which
are, like this one, populated with people who routinely use hardware
and software older than a year or two.

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