[rescue] HP C8000

Christopher Purdy escher.beretta.2112 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 08:26:38 CDT 2017

Hi folks,

I picked this up from work last year.  Just got into it yesterday....
successfully cracked the root password and can log in as root.

Unfortunately, in my laziness over the last few years, my DNS-foo is not
strong and I messed up the hosts table, breaking CDE in the process.   You
can login in but CDE cries now and makes you log in into safemode.. I
believe it's because I hosed the hostname....  after about two hours I just
was over it and didn't feel like messing about anymore.

Regardless - I have no desire to delve into HPUX 11 at all... so it's up
for grabs... not sure of specs (I got sucked into the networking issues and
forgot to check specs).

It's a single CPU machine.  Very clean.  FireGL graphics I believe.  Single

I'd like to trade for some commodore gear if anyone has some - either c64
or amiga..  I'd also consider an apple iigs... I just need the beast out of
the den.

I'm located in Fenton, MI.  about 10 miles south of Flint.

Christopher Purdy
Personal Page --> escher.squarespace.com
Observatory Page --> www.promethean-visions.com

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