[rescue] T5220 update

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Sun Oct 29 19:58:28 CDT 2017

Hello Lionel,

Congrats on the new system.

Not going to comment on the HDD thing, Others have already commented on that, 
and have answered better than I could.

Same with the memory.  I have (2) of these boxes, both came locally from 
Craigslist.  Both populated w/64 Gb of ram.  Watching to see how you do/did.

Regarding rails, it just seems to be a foregone conclusion that I will never get 
rails with the system I purchase.  Every set of rails I have came from some 3rd 
party recovery type company that I found thru eBay.  And not that I have paid a 
lot, but it seems that I ended up paying as much for the rails as I did the system.

One other option for rails, assuming that your new box isn't destine for a COLO, 
and you are just going to stick it in a rack at home is to get a shelf.  If that 
is something you are interested in, let me know, I picked up a new-in-box shelf 
for my rack at Altex, that I never used, and needs a new home.  I'm also in the 
DFW metroplex area, and I believe that I am probably about 20 miles or less from 
you.  Reach out off line if you are interested.

Closing out with a comment on Using Solaris 11.x and updates.  I'm in a similar 
boat.  Just an FYI, 11.3 is current, 11.4 was just announced for 1st half of 
2018.  Upgrading is as simple as

# pkg update

Assuming that "pkg publisher" still points to Oracle in your configuration.

I know for $WORK, security updates are a requirement.  On my own stuff, I watch 
the web sites where my stuff came from.  Any big package with a lot of command 
line compile options, that will hold ports open, I want to compile on my own 
anyway.  No vendor is going to get all of those things in their compile that I 
want, i.e. example (what I call big apps) Apache HTTPD, Nginx web server, BIND, 
OpenSSL & OpenSSH, ProFTPd, Sendmail and/or Postfix, MySQL/Maria DB, etc.

On 10/29/17 11:09 AM, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> I asked about rails, and a couple list members offered to look in their junk
> closet for suitable boutsideb rails (there are binsideb rails attached
> to the server). I was going to look for matching/suitable part numbers, but
> havenbt had time (yet), thanks for the offers, Ibve not forgotten you.
> Finally, I plan to download the latest Solaris 11 image from Oracle, available
> from my personal (free) Oracle Account, any advice, concerns, or gotchas? I
> realize updates are not an option without a service contract, but I think that
> should provide a reasonable level of security, performance, and features to
> play with...
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