[rescue] T5220 update

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 15:56:04 CDT 2017

Nice to know that SATA drives were in some manner supported, and as I
understand it, by definition SATA should work anywhere SAS does. I can always
use the drives elsewhere if need be.

As for the memory question, I always defer to Crucial.com for max RAM in PC
hardware, and I was surprised to see 128 Gig total for the T5220, but they do
show it as 8 banks of 2, not the 4 banks of 4 (sort of) the sticker inside the
cabinet describes).

I do note that today, the 8 Gig DIMMs sell for $310/ea, putting you at $5K to
max out RAM.

I may try some 8 Gig DIMMS in the system, since I got them to upgrade a Dell
PE1950. My original plan was to upgrade the Dell to 64 Gig, then put the
displaced RAM (8x 4 Gig DIMMs) plus another similar set of DIMMs in the T5220
to max out the T5220 at 64 Gig RAM (16x 4 Gig DIMMs).



> On Oct 29, 2017, at 3:40 PM, Mike Spooner <mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com>
> Good luck, you've got a nice machine there!

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