[rescue] T5220 update

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Thu Oct 19 13:19:17 CDT 2017

tor 2017-10-19 klockan 11:58 -0500 skrev Lionel Peterson: 
> My new (to me) Sun T5220 arrived yesterday, I powered it up with my laptop and
> a cheap RJ45 - USB bciscob cable and was able to work thru the serial
> console (iLOM?). (Any suggestions of useful commands other than bshow -tb
> which seems to go on forever?)
> Luckily the ID and Password were reset to Mfg default (root/changeme), so no
> problem there.
> My unit has 8x cores, but only 32 Gigs RAM (16x 2 Gig) of PC2-5300f server
> memory - I was considering buying a lower-spec model with 16x 4 Gig RAM to
> pull the RAM from to upgrade it, but I was happy to find that this server uses
> the exact same memory as my Dell PE1950/2950 Intel servers, so rather than
> spend $75-100 to add 32 Gigs to the server, Ibm going to buy 8x 8 Gig kits
> for two intel servers and repurpose the current 16x 4 Gig Ram SIMMs to max out
> the T5220.
> My unit shipped without HDs or drive trays, but new Sun Trays/sleds are
> available for just under $10/ea, shipped, on eBay when I buy two or more. I
> need 3x sleds to fill three holes in server, and Ibll probably look for some
> cheap SSD or SATA drives to stuff in it.
> The Sun documentation seems quite useful and accessible, and when I get a few
> drives I assume installing Solaris 11 from my Oracle account will be
> straight-forward.
> All in so far Ibm at $160 including shipping, taxes and a serial management
> cable. 4x trays will take me to $200, and my round-about memory upgrade plan
> will take me to $260 - making this a lot of computer for not too much money
> (IMHO).
> Odd offer - would someone like the shipping box my server came in? It has
> custom foam for the T5220 2U server, say like you wanted to ship a FTGH T5220
> from CHI to you, for example...

SOMEONE which would be happy to send a T5220 from Chicago/(O'Hare) to
Arlanda/Landvetter (ie Sweden) ????

This stuff isn't really easy to get to in Sweden...

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