[rescue] T5220 update

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 11:58:11 CDT 2017

My new (to me) Sun T5220 arrived yesterday, I powered it up with my laptop and
a cheap RJ45 - USB bciscob cable and was able to work thru the serial
console (iLOM?). (Any suggestions of useful commands other than bshow -tb
which seems to go on forever?)

Luckily the ID and Password were reset to Mfg default (root/changeme), so no
problem there.

My unit has 8x cores, but only 32 Gigs RAM (16x 2 Gig) of PC2-5300f server
memory - I was considering buying a lower-spec model with 16x 4 Gig RAM to
pull the RAM from to upgrade it, but I was happy to find that this server uses
the exact same memory as my Dell PE1950/2950 Intel servers, so rather than
spend $75-100 to add 32 Gigs to the server, Ibm going to buy 8x 8 Gig kits
for two intel servers and repurpose the current 16x 4 Gig Ram SIMMs to max out
the T5220.

My unit shipped without HDs or drive trays, but new Sun Trays/sleds are
available for just under $10/ea, shipped, on eBay when I buy two or more. I
need 3x sleds to fill three holes in server, and Ibll probably look for some
cheap SSD or SATA drives to stuff in it.

The Sun documentation seems quite useful and accessible, and when I get a few
drives I assume installing Solaris 11 from my Oracle account will be

All in so far Ibm at $160 including shipping, taxes and a serial management
cable. 4x trays will take me to $200, and my round-about memory upgrade plan
will take me to $260 - making this a lot of computer for not too much money

Odd offer - would someone like the shipping box my server came in? It has
custom foam for the T5220 2U server, say like you wanted to ship a FTGH T5220
from CHI to you, for example...

Ibd love to locate rails for this puppy, if anyone has any leads... off to
take a look at eBay for the rails...


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