[rescue] Aviator

john jferg977 at aol.com
Fri Oct 13 12:16:54 CDT 2017

Aviator ran fine on a Sparc2 and an IPX. I don't have either one any 
more so can't compare.B  The performance issue is with updating terrain.B  
the terrain files are not very detailed so I wouldn't expect any 
performance issues with anything sparc2 on.B  I'm turning the garage 
upside down trying to find the printed manual in which I may have 
written passwords.B  It could be that they were hostid linked, but not 
sure.B  I'd asked on an earlier note if anyone could recommend an ftp 
site I could upload the tar file to.B  obviously it will be smaller than 
630 mB, but I haven't gotten chance to do it yet.

john ferguson

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