[rescue] Aviator

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Fri Oct 13 07:16:49 CDT 2017

fre 2017-10-13 klockan 08:34 +1100 skrev Richard: 
> Hi there
> Great find!
> I am with mouse and would be interested in a tar file, dd image, or ISO image
> of the CD contents. FTP is our friend :-)
> If it installs off of the mount as you indicate then a tar file will more than
> likely just work.

Do a SS 10 30 Mhz have enough horsepower ?

Aviator could be what is needed for me to fix an geriatric SS10....
(PROM, keyboard, mouse, Sun-VGA/DVI is needed , i do have some SCSI-2

Hmm, the machine is cg6 for now...

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