[rescue] Aviator

john jferg977 at aol.com
Thu Oct 12 16:15:22 CDT 2017

I'm home after two days in airplanes - phooey on aviating.

I found the CDROM, loaded it up in my SPARCstation 10 with GX Frame 
buffer and it ran.B  the README gives addresses to buy passwords.B  I 
can't remember if we ever had one.B  We had a customer who wanted to 
develop a helicopter simulator (what he wanted would have been called a 
trainer in the simulation industry - no physical movement but what you 
would on the screen might accurate show what you'd see out the front if 
you depending on the physics of the machine simulated and what you'd 
done with the controls.B  This never came to anything when customer began 
to grasp what it was going to cost to do this even getting a good deal on.

in any case you get a heads-up display and a number of terrain files and 
physics for 4 planes, including a 727 and an F18.B  I can vaguely 
remember that we had it set up at one time so that we could have 
dogfights over the network, so we must have had passwords.

I suppose I could make some ISO CD copies of what I have.B  the 
installation is pretty simple.B  You mount -r /dev/sr0 /mnt then go to 
/mnt/etc and run the install program.B  I have no idea whether I can make 
a CD which my Sun can read. I have a matsushita (Panasonic) drive in the 
stack next to my machine. along with the two tape drives. It is probably 
20 years old and I doubt if it can read a current -R CD.

Anyone want to pursue this?

john ferguson

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