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Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Thu Oct 12 13:20:34 CDT 2017

Will beat me to the punch, so I'm going to back up his comments.

I have been using keyspan/triplite USB->serial converters for well over a 
decade.  They work great, nothing bad to say about any of their stuff.

On the Mac, the converter requires drivers.  It just works out of the gate with 
Solaris, or your favorite Solaris based distro.

As, it sounds like many others do, I'm also using the light blue or black Cisco 

Software wise, typically use Z-term on the Mac.  On Solaris, depending on 
release, I just open some type of terminal window (i.e. cmdtool, dtterm, 
gnome-term) and use the "tip" command.   I assumed that 'tip' was native to all 
Unix's and Unix clones, but maybe not.  Either way, you just need to know how 
fast you want to connect at, and which USB port to talk thru.

i.e. 9600 connection from USB0

# tip -9600 /dev/cua/0

115200 connection from USB1

# tip -115200 /dev/cua/1

at $HOME, I use tip infrequently enough that I just wrote a few shell scripts 
that do everything I don't want to remember.

Once connected, typically a <CR> or two is required to bring up your login (or 
what ever) prompt.  Most stuff is N-8-1 that I see these days, but if you end up 
with something that isn't, just hit the man page.

Assuming a Unix box (i.e. not a Cisco router or switch), once you are logged in 
, /usr/openwin/bin/resize (or /bin/resize on Solaris 11 proper) is your friend.

Good luck.

Lionel, do your question indicate that you are going to end up with one of the 


On 10/12/17 08:37 AM, William Enestvedt wrote:
> We have for a long time used the Keyspan device (USA-19HS), which Tripplite
> might now own? They were certainly cheap when I bought them some years ago.
>    Last year I also bought for my Unix SAs a cable with a singe USB port but
> two serial cables, which they liked for managing modern Oracle (Sun) SPARC
> gear. Usually they use MacBooks, FWIW.
> - Will
>> On Oct 12, 2017, at 9:27 AM, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> Q: anyone got a lead on an RJ-45 serial to USB adapter that is known to
> both
>> work well with Sun equipment (like, say, a T5220) and a windows
>> laptop/desktop?
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