[rescue] Fwd: [chiclassiccomp] Some Older/Mostly Newer Sun Equipment

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Thu Oct 12 01:20:00 CDT 2017

No, no, I pride myself on be a smart.arse, and frequently tell people its better 
than being a dumb.arse.

I certainly wasn't offended at all.

Oh, and I forgot from my earlier reply, thank you for replying with an answer.

Per state, there is a lot of town/city name duplication, so it's always nice 
when the poster sticks up specifics.

Following up on Lionel's post, I would love to have one or both of those 
T5220's, but unless shipping is an option, it would probably be cheaper to pick 
one up on eBay or something similar vs a drive to the great white north.


On 10/11/17 04:21 PM, JP Hindin wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Oct 2017, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> Maybe for some.
>> I never would have pulled Chicago from chiclassiccomp.
>> Maybe a local thing?
> Huh, sure could be. I'm six hours away in Iowa, so maybe it's just an assumption
> we'd make around here. Apologies, I wasn't trying to be a smart arse.
> Enjoy the day;
>  - JP

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