[rescue] Fwd: [chiclassiccomp] Some Older/Mostly Newer Sun Equipment

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Wed Oct 11 14:48:50 CDT 2017

Passing this along, no knowledge/affiliation with the person offering this,
but thought Ibd pass this along in case anyone on this list is nearby.  I
would assume that he is not shipping anything.

	-Dan Sikorski

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> Subject: [chiclassiccomp] Some Older/Mostly Newer Sun Equipment
> Date: October 11, 2017 at 1:08:17 PM CDT
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> As part of our cleanout to vacate our current server room, I have
> unearthed the following:
> 8x SLC motherboards
> 2x ELC motherboards
> Some parallel/AUI cables for SparcStations (similar to those on the
> back of a SparcStation 20.)
> 5x Ultra 10s
> Enterprise E450 and associated A1000 disk array
> Enterprise E250
> 3x Sun Fire 280R
> Sun Fire V240
> 3x Netra T5220
> The E450 and E250 systems are "tower" models, while the rest of
> the Sun Fire and Netra's are rack-mount. The E450 is on casters.
> I should have rails for most of the equipment. The Sun Fire systems
> are very heavy.
> The systems do not have drives, although I have trays. I also have
> an assortment of SCA2 compatible drives which can be placed into them.
> The 280R systems appear to use FC, which I unfortunately do not have.
> If someone takes the E450/A1000 combo, I can likely wipe enough drives
> to fill it.
> Items are located in Evanston at around Sheridan/Noyes St.
> I can be available for pickup on Saturday, which makes this convenient
> for those individuals looking at attending the TI User Group's Faire
> at the Evanston Library. The location is less than a mile north.
> I can possibly hold items for another week, although we are under
> heavy pressure to vacate the room as quickly as possible.
> I will keep a list of what is available vs. spoken for here:
> http://www.angamllc.com/garagesale.txt
> Anything not spoken for by Monday, will be allocated to the e-waste
> pile.
> Christopher
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