[rescue] Saved this Ultra 10 from Central Mich U Surplus Sale

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Sun Oct 8 22:09:00 CDT 2017

Please note, this is/was for personal stuff only.

Early 2000/01/02 maybe, I ran an Ultra 10 as a server in a COLO.

The one thing I did, that made all the (performance) difference in the world, 
was to yank all the IDE stuff out.

I had (2) SCSI controllers installed, one controller per drive.

Performance was night-and-day difference.  I'm fully aware of where the Ultra 
5/Ultra 10 systems were on the Sun food chain, back when they were relevant.

The Ultra 5/10 systems were very much IO bound, and if you have any plans of 
using this box in an interactive manner, I can not recommend this approach 
highly enough.

OTOH, in our current day and age, and given the lack of a workable SATA 
controller for SPARC, I would be interested in seeing the SCSI controller, 
attached to a SCSI->SATA adapter, terminated by a fast SSD.

Congrats on your find, and thanks for saving another Sun box from destruction.


On 10/ 7/17 06:31 PM, PhreakShow Telephone Company wrote:
> Went out to the CMU surplus sale last week looking for a fridge and
> some other computers.
> Saw this lone Sun Ultra 10 sitting in the back under a pile of LCD
> monitors.   Got it for 10 bucks.  Brought her home.
> 384MB RAM in it.  CD Drive was dead,  I put in a IDE DVD ROM,  and a
> 250gb hdd i had laying around
> Threw solaris 10 on it and shes up and running.  Albeit very slow.
> Hopefully someday i can get my SS5 working and then netboot these 2
> off the E3500
> https://imgur.com/lEPunUu
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