[rescue] [rescued] Sun Ultra Enterprise 4000

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Sat Oct 7 19:39:36 CDT 2017

Hi Folks

Just a quick update on the adventure so far....

So a number of people came back and suggested NetBSD. I now have this
installed on a local SCSI drive mounted in the sled next to the CD-ROM
drive, probably not what Sun intended, but it works and keeps it all
nice and self contained :-).

The TODC errors on all cards so I have the NVRAM on order....

I also have on order a PCI Carrier Board - supports 2x PCI cards -
Anyone know if NetBSD will be able to see the devices once installed?
When it turns up I will plug it in with some Intel NIC cards but thought
I would ask ahead of time in case I need to change OS before doing too
much more customization.

Along the way I have discovered that this machine (or is it all Ultra
Enterprises xx00) are rather picky/finicky about card and memory
insertion. Same card, same slot fails on boot, remove re-seat, passes on
next boot. Similar for memory - remove the CPU card to check the heat
sinks (see next note) - reinsert card and boot, SIMM failures, remove,
push down on SIMM, re-seat card in system,  boot, all OK....Also could
just be age...thoughts?

Now on to the heat sinks. I noted that a number of heat sinks had fallen
off, maybe due to age, prior damage or transport, I am not sure. I see
that there is a Sun note for "detached heat sinks"
- The suggestion of getting a replacement board is not practical at this
point. Instead I used some heatsink/adhesive compound. Left it to cure
overnight and they are now solid as a rock, will check back in 6 months.
Thought folks might find this useful as I didn't know of the
heatsink/adhesive compound  until I went to get some standard heat sink
compound and the guy at the shop said "oh this might be better..."

Finally does anyone know of replacement board levers. I have 2 that have
disintegrated at the board mount joint.

So that's it so far.....

If anyone has any excess Ultra Enterprise xx00 parts I  am on the look
out for
- CPU Boards with/without CPU/Memory
- CPU @ 335Mhz
- 256Mb SIMM
- Spare PSU
- Anyother cool or exotic cards that can be inserted be they SBUS or
Backplane connected. Were there any Co-processor cards for this machine?
I have had a brief trawl but can't find anything obvious..

Happy to pay for shipping and reasonable costs.

I also now have spare 2x Dual port SBUS FC Cards with GBIC's if anyone
is looking or wanting to swap for anything above. Price of postage.



On Wed, 27 Sep 2017, at 09:18 PM, Richard wrote:
> Hi All
> Just picked this "new" machine up
> For the collection.
> Needs a new NVRAM but otherwise looks to have 3 CPU trays all fully
> populated
> with memory :-).
> POSTS without error except for the nvram.
> Thinking Solaris 10 but open to suggestions...
> Now to rework the rack....
> [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type image/jpeg which had a name
> of image1.JPG; x-apple-part-url=68745DE2-1C35-437A-BE7D-BBE120DC48C8]
> [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type image/jpeg which had a name
> of image2.JPG; x-apple-part-url=EB8F74A5-9DFB-47E7-B068-BE4192666793]
> Nice to have some larger Sun gear again.
> Cheers
> Richard
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