[rescue] SPARC10 died today

Richard ejb at trick-1.net
Thu Nov 30 15:12:07 CST 2017

Hi John

As a start I would suggest striping the machine down - pullout any sbus cards,
disconnect the hard drive and unplug any external devices including the

Then I would connect it to a serial console and see what you get.

I would check the nvram if the machine posts to make sure it is still valid.
There is a nvram faq out there that is a lot of hep.

Let us know how you go


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> On 1 Dec 2017, at 07:49, john <jferg977 at aol.com> wrote:
> My SPARCstation 10 hung half-way into boot this afternoon so I shut it down
and tried a reboot. Nothing doing. It kicked the drives, but i never got to a
screen. L1A did nothing.B  So i ordered another one from the guys in
California $75 +/- plus shipping with new NVRAM.
> This thing is on my critical path.
> I'm wondering if it makes any sense to buy another one while they are still
around.B  I found that storing an IPX for ten years killed the power supply -
probably electrolytic capacitor failure.
> I suppose i could buy a third S10 and fire it up a couple times a year to at
least see if it still worked.
> It's also possible that the failure in the present machine will turn out to
be the frame buffer or RAM which I can find out when the new old machine shows
up.B  Then I can buy whatever failed and have two good machines without the
aggravation of migrating my installation from the present machine to the new
> What else could I consider?B  I don't know if my application which runs on
SunOS 4.1.4 will run on a SPARC5. They weren't out yet when application was
published.B  Any ideas there?
> I haven't checked to see if the 10 has keyboard diagnostics - next thing to
look at.
> Nuts.
> john
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