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I version is a single CD, did you have more than one disc?    At this point
the CD is actually label Solaris 1.1.2 and I have a older CD that says 1.1.1B
I believe.   Who owns this software anymore, do we know?    From what
understood the OP tried to see if they could register it without much avail.

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> I regularly run SunOS 4.1.4 but am not sure would be able to figure
> out how to get around the licensing scheme.

I suspect I could crack the licensing code, but (a) I also suspect
Sun's successor-in-interest would take a rather dim view of such
activities, (b) I doubt I have the leisure to anyway, and (c) for my
purposes, running for 60 seconds is quite enough.

I really need to do enough digging to find my SunOS 4 install CDs.

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