[rescue] UTF-8 [was T5220 update]

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Fri Nov 3 11:06:12 CDT 2017

On 11/03/17 07:10, Mouse wrote:
>>> "Be strict about what you emit, but liberal about what you accept."
>> This seems to be lost wisdom.
> I wouldn't really call it "lost wisdom" as much as "no longer nearly so
> applicable wisdom".  It was a good prescription...for the net that
> existed when Postel uttered it.  But that's very much not today's net.

Well, it still has applicability.  It's just that there are certain
realms in which it is no longer a safe policy.  It is still perfectly
valid in the context of a utility that should still do its best to work
correctly if fed input that doesn't quite adhere to the spec, and should
still follow the spec as closely as possible in what it emits.  But
obviously it should not be taken to mean one should open every port and
indiscriminately accept all traffic.

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