[rescue] UTF-8 [was T5220 update]

Michael Parson mparson at bl.org
Thu Nov 2 21:29:41 CDT 2017

On 2017-11-02 16:40, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> Character sets, right. (I know the difference, just forgot the context 
> we were
> discussing...)
> I have always chosen ASCII, but seeing that choice again when I did a
> 'sys-unconfig' on my V240 with it's several year-old Solaris 10 install 
> I
> realized I wasn't sure what choice was 'best'. I still don't know which 
> is
> 'best', but I feel better about being ASCII-centric.

'Best' really depends on what you're doing to be doing with this system. 
  If it's a personal system that you're only going to be dealing with 
US/ASCII text, then that's fine.  If you're ever going to be dealing 
with other/extended charsets, then UTF-8 might be better.

>> On Nov 2, 2017, at 4:13 PM, Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com> 
>> wrote:
>> Those are character sets, not fonts.  I always choose ASCII.

For years, I always went with ASCII, but the last few years of dealing 
with Solaris, I was also dealing with software and data that was 
internationalized, so, I started selecting UTF-8.  Not sure how much 
that really mattered though.

Michael Parson
Pflugerville, TX

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