[rescue] [SUMMARY] Re: Solaris 11.1 install new package from Oracle/remote thru proxy

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Wed Nov 1 16:09:58 CDT 2017

Sun Managers list style summary.

Original question below.

Like most things, its all simple once you know what you are doing.

The answer here was, even though I was not changing publishers, was to 
completely delete the default publisher, then add it back with the proxy 
parameter in place.

This is the only/final command line entry, once the existing publisher was deleted.

# pkg set-publisher --proxy -p 

was even able to do a

# pkg update --accept

thru his proxy, an update the box from 11.1 to 11.3.


On 09/14/17 05:27 PM, Jerry Kemp wrote:
> trying to assist a friend at a different company with limited Solaris experience.
> Normally easy stuff, but, in short, new VM, fresh install of Solaris 11.1 x86/64
> and needs to pull packages directly from Oracle.
> The monkey wrench in his gears is no direct Internet access, only available thru
> proxy server.
> # pkg publisher
> shows default settings
> from the help page from pkg, I found this
> .........................................
>         pkg set-publisher [-Ped] [-k ssl_key] [-c ssl_cert]
>             [-g origin_to_add|--add-origin=origin_to_add ...]
>             [-G origin_to_remove|--remove-origin=origin_to_remove ...]
>             [-m mirror_to_add|--add-mirror=mirror_to_add ...]
>             [-M mirror_to_remove|--remove-mirror=mirror_to_remove ...]
>             [-p repo_uri] [--enable] [--disable] [--no-refresh]
>             [--reset-uuid] [--non-sticky] [--sticky]
>             [--search-after=publisher]
>             [--search-before=publisher]
>             [--search-first]
>             [--approve-ca-cert=path_to_CA]
>             [--revoke-ca-cert=hash_of_CA_to_revoke]
>             [--unset-ca-cert=hash_of_CA_to_unset]
>             [--set-property name_of_property=value]
>             [--add-property-value name_of_property=value_to_add]
>             [--remove-property-value name_of_property=value_to_remove]
>             [--unset-property name_of_property_to_delete]
>             [--proxy proxy to use]
>             [publisher]
> .........................................
> so I gave him this command to try
> # pkg set-publisher --proxy -p \ <-new line
> http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/release
> pkg.oracle.com is the public package repository.
> The command executes without error or warning then returns to the command prompt.
> New package commands, such as
> # pkg update
> do not seem to generate any new traffic over the network interface as is being
> watched with snoop
> I have never had to configure the pkg command(s) to run thru a proxy server
> before, and, FWIW, both the help page and man page are not very verbose in this
> area.
> hoping someone else has needed to do this previously, and can comment as to
> whether this is the correct direction to go, or if something else is necessary.
> Thank you,
> Jerry

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