[rescue] Sun V240

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Nov 1 11:15:03 CDT 2017

>>> [...] OpenSSH no longer supports TCP Wrappers.
>> What...?!  Why did they remove support for TCP Wrappers?  I depend
>> on OpenSSH supporting TCP Wrappers on several networks.  WTF?!
> They've also removed protocol 1 support altogether by now, several
> old key exchanges (DH1), keytypes (eg. DSS), etc.  It's getting hard
> to maintain old boxes over SSH sometimes.

(a) SSH != OpenSSH.  There are lots of other implementations.

(b) Nothing says you have to heatseek OpenSSH even if you do use it.

(c) You can always add TCP wrappers support back in.  If you're feeling
quixotic and/or want to make a point, you could even send them the
patches to do so.

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