[rescue] anyone need PC100 / PC133 RAM? (95050)

Steve Rikli sr at genyosha.net
Mon May 29 18:18:43 CDT 2017

The oldest system I have uses DDR memory, so at this point I have no
more use for PC100 or PC133 RAM, and before it goes to recycling I'd
like to offer it here.

There are about a dozen PC100, almost all 256MB, a couple are unknown
size; most are ECC but a couple look like non-ECC.

There are about 20 PC133, mostly 512MB, a couple 128MB and 256MB size;
most are ECC but a couple look like non-ECC.

The brands are a mix; there's a handfull of Kingston and Corsair, and
a lot of others.

None of this is recently tested but all of it was tested (and in some
cases labelled) before I put it into storage long ago.

I'd rather not pick-choose through all of them; if you only need a
couple please just take them all and pass along the rest to someone

I'd prefer to hand off the lot to someone near Silicon Valley CA (95050)
but if someone really wants to pay for shipping I'll bundle it up.


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