[rescue] DataCenter Cleanup Day - Downtown Minneapolis, MN 55401

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Fri May 26 12:32:06 CDT 2017

I am very interested in the Sun Blade 2500 Silver but am having car issues
( l can drive about 3 miles till it overheats alas) . Hayward Wisconsin
isn't that far but I'm not sure just how soon I can get there. Is there an
urgency to getting the gear? Or can a list member grab it for me till I can
get over there?



On May 26, 2017 12:11, "Doug McIntyre" <merlyn at geeks.org> wrote:

Datacenter Cleanup Day!
All equipment located in Downtown Minneapolis, MN 55401.

I have no idea if any of this powers up after all these years.

I'm not setup to ship things out, especially not the larger items.

Nothing is configured all that super heavy, they tended to be more minimal.
A few things have rails, mostly not (for the rack mount items). Most of the
workstation class do have frame-buffers of some sort.

1x Sun SPARCStation 4/330
2x SunFire E2900 (1 CPU/ea, minimal RAM) w/rails
1x SunFire V490 (with keys, no drives)
1x SunFire x4540 (no drives)
1x Sun SPARCStation 10
2x Sun NetraX1
2x SunBlade 100
1x SunBlade 2500 Silver
1x SunFire X2100
1x SunFire X4200
2x SunFire V245
1x SunIPX
1x Sun 8mm DAT in shoebox
1x Sun Ultra 1
2x SPARC Printer (with S-BUS interface cards and cabling).

1x HP 9000 - RP3440
1x IBM RS/6000 - 7029-6E3
1x Cisco7506
1x Cisco7513
Misc Cisco RSP and line cards

1x DEC VT220 Terminal

Come get it out of my datacenter.

Anything left over will most likely go out to the scrappers.
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