[rescue] Non-Sun workstation products, FTGH in Richmond, CA by 5/30

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Thu May 25 14:08:51 CDT 2017

In article
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    Seth Morabito <web at loomcom.com> writes:

> If anyone in the Bay Area can grab the DECstation stuff for me and hold
> onto it, I will arrange for shipping and a finder's fee!

I'm in a similar boat; I have a local contact, but he lives near Santa
Cruz which is a couple hours away from Richmond and he won't have any
time to get up there before May 31st.

While I'm guessing none of these workstations have 3D accelerators in
them, I believe that DEC did make 3D accelerators for both the MIPS
and Alpha based DECstations.  It's been on my list to acquire both the
workstations and ultimately the 3D accelerators (a bit of a snipe hunt,
but one can hope).

Is there someone local who'd be willing to transport stuff from
Richmond to my contact's storage?  I'm willing to pay for your time
and trouble.

My main concern is that this stuff doesn't end up at the scrap yard.
If other people rescue it for themselves, I'm cool with that.
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