[rescue] Non-Sun workstation products, FTGH in Richmond, CA by 5/30

Seth Morabito web at loomcom.com
Thu May 25 09:57:55 CDT 2017

Damn, I'd love to save the DECstation stuff, it's getting rarer and
rarer and I hate to see any of it scrapped. (I know it's not mu9ch
loved, but my first UNIX was Ultrix on a DECstation, so it's a bit
nostalgic for me)

Ironically I will be in the Bay Area on business, but not until June 4,
so I'll be too late :(

If anyone in the Bay Area can grab the DECstation stuff for me and hold
onto it, I will arrange for shipping and a finder's fee!

  Seth Morabito
  web at loomcom.com

On Wed, May 24, 2017, at 01:27 AM, Steven M Jones wrote:
> This was posted to the classiccmp list a while back, apologies for the
> overlap but they're running out of time.
> Multiple DECstations (MIPS)
>  - 3100
>  - 5000 / 1xx
>  - 5000 / 200
>  - 5000 / 240
>  - Personal DECstations - including one keyboard & mouse set w/ special
> connectors
> DECserver or DECsystem 5x00 w/ Turbo Channel Expansion (first I've ever
> seen)
> Multiple DEC BA42 and "leprechaun" storage boxes (think VAXstation 2000)

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