[rescue] Non-Sun workstation products, FTGH in Richmond, CA by 5/30

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Wed May 24 03:27:04 CDT 2017

This was posted to the classiccmp list a while back, apologies for the
overlap but they're running out of time.

Regarding the thread started by Peter Wallace of Mesa Electronics the
other month - I've been by for one load, and there are still tons of DEC
and HP, and a few RS6k, workstations/servers. Including a rare DECserver
that has a TurboChannel Expansion box. Lots of HP 712 and 715
workstations, a C110, DECstations (MIPS) and VAXstations (derp).

Mesa has to vacate these offices by the end of the month. They're super
nice people, and just trying to avoid anything involving a scrapper.
Here's what was still there after I went by on May 13th.

There are some Sun mice, couple keyboards (Type 4, Type 5)
SPARCstation 10 sound box was spotted

DEC 3000 model 400 x 2
DEC 3000 model 600
DEC 3000 model 600S
AlphaServer 600 (IIRC)
MicroVAX 3300
VAX 4000 model 300
DECtalk DTC01

Multiple HP 712, 715 workstations and one C110
Couple VAXstation 3100's
Multiple DECstations (MIPS)
 - 3100
 - 5000 / 1xx
 - 5000 / 200
 - 5000 / 240
 - Personal DECstations - including one keyboard & mouse set w/ special
DECserver or DECsystem 5x00 w/ Turbo Channel Expansion (first I've ever
Multiple DEC BA42 and "leprechaun" storage boxes (think VAXstation 2000)

HDS X terminals / thin clients  x 2
Mac 7200/90
Color CRTs - 5+ - VRT19, VR299, VR290, couple HP-badged Trinitrons
TEK 454
Summasketch 2 w/ cursor

Many cables,  5.25 & 3.5" SCSI disks, other random bits!

My photos from picking up a carload:

Original post from Peter is here:

They're pretty flexible in terms of pickups!

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