[rescue] Wanted: VT1xx power switch

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sat May 20 21:35:36 CDT 2017

Just at the end of cleaning up a VT180 (minus the disk drives) and the
plastic barrel that holds the power switch to the power board with a ring
nut has broken off.

This leaves the power switch kind of dangling, and the switch mechanism
fairly loose.

The switch is a black plastic toggle switch, and it had 4 spade
connections on it. I can provide a picture if necessary. I could not find
any part number or other markings on the switch.

If you have a spare from an organ donor terminal, or a line on a current
replacement, I'd appreciate it. I have all the broken pieces, but it
seems unlikely I could glue it back together and expect it to work or to
If you have an actual DEC VT100/VT102 badge I'd love one to change out
the VT180 badge that's on there....


The backstory - there was a listing locally for "vintage equipment" and I
spied what looked like a VT100 w/keyboard. I went to pick it up, and
found it was a VT180, but the owner had no idea if he ever had the disk
drives or any software. Other than being externally very dirty,
everything looked good. I tore it down and washed up the keys, the
plastics, and went through the interior with some compressed air. Machine
starts up great, passes self test and then errors out looking for the
missing disk drives. Going into terminal mode from the menu works, and
the Advanced Video Option board is there for 132 column mode, etc. Went
to turn off the machine, and the switch fell apart in my hand.

I doubt I'll ever use the Z80 board - I may post it up for sale, since
all I really wanted was the terminal. If anyone wants the board, let me
know. It seems I can remove it and revert to a "terminal only" config
without issue.

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