[rescue] AT&T 3B2 revival

Seth Morabito web at loomcom.com
Tue May 2 17:52:04 CDT 2017

On Tue, May 2, 2017, at 02:55 PM, Alan Hightower wrote:
> I can also host a list at 3b2archive.org along with a Wordpress CMS and
> git or svn repo. However I'm wondering if a Google Group or any other
> platform tied to a source control system would be better. 

I recall your plan to do a CMS on 3b2archive.org, and I still think it's
a great idea.
> Also, Seth, did you get dumps of the NI card ROMs? If not, can anyone
> who has an NI card please dump the ROMs. 

Not yet, I haven't picked up the NI card from the donor yet. I hope to
do that in the next couple of weeks, though.

  Seth Morabito
  web at loomcom.com

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