[rescue] AT&T 3B2 revival

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Tue May 2 14:45:51 CDT 2017

Hello Seth,

before I start, let me say thanks again for your 3b2 emulation efforts.  I know 
myself and others are very excited about your emulation project.

Regarding the list, I was going thru some old email notes last night, and saw 
where someone talked about how we could kick something off.

At least in my eyes, it seems like we might have a critical mass here, and I 
suspect that probably the next step would be to request a separate mailing list 
from our moderator, Mr. Bill Bradford.

I have CC'ed Mr. Bill in this note, and I suppose ultimately, we will either 
have a new 3b2 home/mailing list, or we will need to find some other place to 
host it.


CC::Mr. Bill

On 05/ 2/17 02:32 PM, Seth Morabito wrote:
> On Tue, May 2, 2017, at 06:49 AM, Steve Hatle wrote:
>> I'm in. Don't have much in the way of docs, etc. but I have a 3B2/310
>> with a Blit and a 710(?) terminal to bounce things off of.
>> Steve
> Hi guys,
> Ooh yes, count me in too. I've been working on the 3B2/400 emulator for
> a couple of years now. It's at the point where it boots the UNIX SVR3
> install script, then dies due to timing issues. It's been frustrating to
> work on without much in the way of internals documentation, ESPECIALLY
> without any kind of timing diagrams for the system board, but such is
> life. I've been taking tons of readings off a real 3B2 with a logic
> analyzer to reverse engineer it.
> More input is always welcome!
> So who is taking the lead on setting up a group? If nobody has started
> yet, I'll do it.
> -Seth

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