[rescue] Looking for an LGA1366 motherboard

Scott Newell newell+rescue at n5tnl.com
Tue Mar 21 14:10:21 CDT 2017

At 01:15 PM 3/21/2017, Romain Dolbeau wrote:
>2017-03-21 18:51 GMT+01:00 Scott Newell <newell+rescue at n5tnl.com>:
> > I think I'm running a X5650...is that a decent one?
>X5670 are 2.93 GHz and seems available for less than $60 from ebay if
>you're in the U.S. - though at that price it's probably not worth the
>hassle. Beware that some X56xx with xx > 50 will be quad-cores with
>higher frequency, probably not much of an upgrade.

Agreed. My most annoying parallel builds need all the cores I can 
get. I'm still spinning rust, so I think the next upgrade will be an 
SSD (then maybe a USB3 card, followed by a low-end GPU?).

newell  N5TNL

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