[rescue] Sun Document Index

Jason T silent700 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 00:16:41 CDT 2017

A few years ago I asked about the Sun document numbering scheme and I
got a couple helpful replies.  In the time since, I've scanned a lot
more Sun docs and, recently, have come into another big pile of them.
Since Sun was so good as to diligently number their documentation, I
figured it's time to start indexing what I have and what I have found.

Firstly - does this already exist?  I'd sure feel dumb doing what's
already been done.

If not, the column headings I have so far (before having indexed
anything) are like so:


Any advice on what other info ought to be tracked?

That link should stay the same, so feel free to bookmark it.  I'll
post a friendlier one to my site eventually


(Docs are here, btw:

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