[rescue] Cadmus 9200s in Estonia

Meelis Roos mroos at linux.ee
Sun Jun 25 17:23:59 CDT 2017

>       it seems I have come across a bunch of Cadmus 9200 systems in Estonia
>       (EU). There seems to be about 5 pairs (of system box + storage box),
>       some storage boxes have disk+tape, some only disk, plus 2 monitors and
>       keyboards (terminals)?.
> This is GREAT unexpected news. I have been working with Cadmus machines
> for many years at the university of Duisburg. And I would love to restore one
> of those systems.
> I do not collect old computers - I'm only interested in those machines that
> I have worked with myself, i.e. Cadmus 9200, Sun 3/60, Sun IPC, Sun SS20
> Last year I got 7 Cadmus 9200 boxes. Unfortunately most of them were
> empty. That was a very dissapointing experience. Have a look at
> www.pcs-cadmus.de

Ah, that was you I found from Google. You do not have a contact there so 
I asked from Hack42 for your contact, have not received one yet.

> Software is a major problem. I could not find any images so far but a
> computer museum in the netherlands might have some. Also there's
> only one complete Cadmus 9200 machine here in germany that
> I know of. But it has not been powered on for years. I partly remember
> how to create a boot-tape from a running system. If one of those
> estonian system does run (would be a miracle) than creating a boot-tape
> should be the first thing you should do.

They were supposedly taken down from working condition but 20 years have 
passed and I do not hold much hope...

> Please keep me informed about what you find in Estonia. I would love
> to see some pictures.

Will do. I clicked a couple of dozen pictures today, mostly from the 
qbus cards.

> There are very few people out there that are familiar with Cadmus boxes.
> Even here in germany. The manufacturer PCS does still exist but they
> are in a totally different business now and there's nobody working at PCS
> that knows anything about old PCS machines.
> Or am I wrong? Anybody out there that owns a Cadmus 9200 (or a 9600)?

I do have a 9600 too but I never got any output on console when I tried 
to boot it.

I know a guy in Estonia who restored a 9700 or 9900 years ago. They 
might have the software too.

Meelis Roos (mroos at linux.ee)

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