[rescue] Cadmus 9200s in Estonia

Peter Koch pk1234 at web.de
Sun Jun 25 16:46:31 CDT 2017

Dear Meelis Roos:

2017-06-25 21:15 GMT+02:00 Meelis Roos <mroos at linux.ee>:

> Hello,
> it seems I have come across a bunch of Cadmus 9200 systems in Estonia
> (EU). There seems to be about 5 pairs (of system box + storage box),
> some storage boxes have disk+tape, some only disk, plus 2 monitors and
> keyboards (terminals)?.

This is GREAT unexpected news. I have been working with Cadmus machines
for many years at the university of Duisburg. And I would love to restore
of those systems.

I do not collect old computers - I'm only interested in those machines that
I have worked with myself, i.e. Cadmus 9200, Sun 3/60, Sun IPC, Sun SS20

Last year I got 7 Cadmus 9200 boxes. Unfortunately most of them were
empty. That was a very dissapointing experience. Have a look at

Software is a major problem. I could not find any images so far but a
computer museum in the netherlands might have some. Also there's
only one complete Cadmus 9200 machine here in germany that
I know of. But it has not been powered on for years. I partly remember
how to create a boot-tape from a running system. If one of those
estonian system does run (would be a miracle) than creating a boot-tape
should be the first thing you should do.

Please keep me informed about what you find in Estonia. I would love
to see some pictures.

There are very few people out there that are familiar with Cadmus boxes.
Even here in germany. The manufacturer PCS does still exist but they
are in a totally different business now and there's nobody working at PCS
that knows anything about old PCS machines.

Or am I wrong? Anybody out there that owns a Cadmus 9200 (or a 9600)?

Hope to hear from those estonian boxes soon


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