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Fri Jun 16 01:35:47 CDT 2017

These are (2) email notes from my personal email archives.  Hope they help or 
provide some insight.

This particular note is from the Sun Managers list from 3 October 2003, but the 
vast bulk of Firewire on SPARC was similar.  I (personally) purchased a couple 
of 3rd party firewire cards as it is/was a great technology, at least leaps and 
bounds over USB, but had no personal luck on SPARC.  Also see 2nd note at bottom.

Folks -

Apparently the only devices working with Firewire (IEEE 1394) are cameras.
And no info on SunRay writable media devices, so I guess the answer is
still nothing.

Rich Teer:
|| I have a Sun Firewire camera attached to my SB 100 - it works
|| well with Sun Forum 3.2.

David Stempnakowski:
|| The only devices I have seen able to use 1394 on a blade is a web cam.  I
|| only saw one listed on Sun's web site.  We have tried CD-ROMs and a few
|| other devices, but no luck.

Christopher Saul:
|| The only thing I have working is the camera that came with the Sun Blade
|| 100.  Otherwise I think the firewire support is a bit of a red herring,
|| rather like the pointless smart card!

Thanks guys!


 >From the keyboard of Debbie:
 > Hey sunmanagers!
 > Does anyone have any Firewire (IEEE 1394) devices working with a
 > Sun Blade 100 system?  I checked the iForce Directory but didn't
 > see anything, but that doesn't mean that someone hasn't figured
 > out a way to make things work anyway.  :-)
 > Also, does anyone have any writable media devices (CDRW, JAZ, etc)
 > working on a SunRay (the thin client)?
 > Thanks for any information,
 > Debbie


This note in particular was the only successful mention of Firewire on SPARC for 
something that wasn't a webcam.

from the OpenSolaris ZFS discuss list 27 January 2009

Frank Cusack wrote:
 > just installed s10_u6 with a root pool.  i'm blown away.  so now i want
 > to attach my external storage via firewire.

I was able to use this cheap thing with good initial results:


However, I ran into a frequent hang[1] and declined to put it in
the HWCL.  The hang appears to be a bug in the scsa1394 kernel
module, and are not yet fixed.  I've moved the disks our of
their Firewire case and inside a machine with SATA-to-IDE
converters (ick).

[1] http://bugs.opensolaris.org/view_bug.do?bug_id=6539587

Rob T

On 06/16/17 12:16 AM, William Barnett-Lewis wrote:
> I received my Sun Blade 2500 today. Its a very nice machine that I'd like
> to fill up a bit more. I believe all the things I need would be available
> from E-Prey and I'll buy there if I need to. But just in case someone here
> might have some of these things surplus to their needs and even cheaper,
> well as the saying goes, you can't even be told No if you don't ask.
> 1.6ghz ultrasparc IIIi CPU chip
> CPU fan and heat sink
> 2 8gb ram kits
> Hards drive sled
> SunPCI III or III Pro
> Also. I am amused to discover there are FireWire ports on this machine. Are
> there good/cheap FireWire enclosures for SATA drives? That would be a
> better idea than a SAS card that only might work.
> Thanks. So nice to be puttering with a better level of computer again.
> William
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