[rescue] Looking for parts

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 00:16:36 CDT 2017

I received my Sun Blade 2500 today. Its a very nice machine that I'd like
to fill up a bit more. I believe all the things I need would be available
from E-Prey and I'll buy there if I need to. But just in case someone here
might have some of these things surplus to their needs and even cheaper,
well as the saying goes, you can't even be told No if you don't ask.

1.6ghz ultrasparc IIIi CPU chip
CPU fan and heat sink
2 8gb ram kits
Hards drive sled

Also. I am amused to discover there are FireWire ports on this machine. Are
there good/cheap FireWire enclosures for SATA drives? That would be a
better idea than a SAS card that only might work.

Thanks. So nice to be puttering with a better level of computer again.


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