[rescue] Sun Blade 2500 OS options

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Mon Jun 12 15:38:20 CDT 2017

I'm guessing that you missed Oracle's versioning announcement earlier in the year.

The short story is, Oracle is jumping on the same versioning bandwagon that 
Apple did in 2001 and m$ did with the windows 10 release.

And what bandwagon is that?  Just in short, enterprise customers drag their feet 
in regards to updates, many times well beyond the last support date.

The response, Oracle will not bump the version number any more.  They will 
forever add new features, bug fixes, security releases, etc to Solaris 11.x.

For how long...their support matrix shows support out till almost 2040.  I 
believe that is it something like 2038 or similar.

Don't take my word for any of this.  All of this is out on various *.oracle.com 
support web pages, although I would bet your capacity planning team (assuming 
large organization) has already seen this.

Also, again, assuming you haven't been on Solaris 11.x since 2011, getting any 
version or kernel version out of 'uname -a' is long gone too.

I do quarterly SRU updates at $WORK.

# pkg info entire | grep -i branch

is now your version validation tool.

Hope this helps.


On 06/12/17 02:01 PM, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> On 06/12/17 14:30, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> The last Solaris 10 release from Oracle is S10u11, with a release date of
>> January 2013.  Is this what you are running?  Or something else?
> Speaking of Solaris releases ... what's the current latest word on
> availability of Solaris 11?  I'd like to start getting ducks in order
> ready for the soon-incoming X4540.

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