[rescue] Sun Blade 2500 OS options

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.us
Sat Jun 10 11:36:45 CDT 2017

Regarding the SAS card + SATA drives.  I have tried this a couple of time, but 
so far have been non-successful.  Maybe I should have tried harder.

If you come up with a card that works, even as just data only non-boot drives, 
please share what worked for you.


On 06/10/17 03:53 AM, William Barnett-Lewis wrote:

> Thankb you for the information. I'd discovered the x86 bias of Open Indiana
> but not the lack of support for the 2500 in the current release of 11.  I
> see that I can get a set of the Express images off of TPB so I'll probably
> go that route.
> Looks like I can stick a cheap LSI SAS card in to use cheap SATA disks for
> storage though it won't boot from it.  Anyone know if I have that correct?
> William
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