[rescue] Sun 501-1139 GP+ / 501-1058 GB

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Thu Jun 8 01:45:15 CDT 2017


I've acquired a Sun 501-1139 GP+ (VME Graphics Processor) and 501-1058 GB (VME
Graphics Buffer) which somebody has pulled all the "interesting" chips off of.
Most of the sockets are labeled so I know what's missing.

I wonder if anybody has one who can dump the ROM code for me (2x 27128, both
boards), and tell me what the two square LCC chips on the GP+ are supposed to
be. I can't see under those sockets to read the silkscreen (if any).
Supposedly GP+ is a GP with bigger microstore, so they may be the same as used
on the 501-1055 GP (non-plus).

These boards may have been faulty in the first place (and thus, scavenged), so
before I put a good deal of effort into tracking down some of the harder to
find replacement chips, it'd be good to get all the ducks in a row.
Fortunately the PALs are all still present.



until further notice

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