[rescue] Windows Server 2008 R2 -- Stupid ...Stupid...

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon Jul 31 12:26:14 CDT 2017

In working in my office this weekend, I was trying to finish re-configuring
a Dell Server and discovered that
the license key I had installed from a M$ MSDN I had written it down wrong.
  Stupid...Stupid.  And of course
I've been gone long enough that my MSDN subscription has expired.    I know
the keys are good forever, but
since I typed it in my notes wrong, I'm stuck.   It installed but I can't
authenticate and I from what I can tell, it's
going to have a problem in a number of days.  The old drive had died
completely so can't recover it that way.

Any thoughts on how to get a key ?   I did some digging for license keys
that might be out there but
couldn't find any that work.  I'm just going to use this box for some basic
Windows apps (downloading some
weather satellite data).  It's a Dell server, but the previous owners took
off any stickers that might have been
on it with a key.  A newer version of Windows Server won't really work
(because of the memory constraints on
this box...really don't want to try to squeeze in much more than 2008).

The apps I want to run as Windows specific so I don't want to go with
another OS... or emulation, etc.


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